Move Fitness  is a yoga, movement, and aerial yoga studio located in Bluffton, SC. We promote a community based on acceptance and non-judgment to meet every individual where they are. Move believes that fitness should be accessible to every BODY. Come practice with us!

Full Schedule

*Schedule begins 1/1. Please note preregistration for classes is required, and closes 60 minutes before class starts. Please check our reservations page for the most up to date schedule. Thank you. 


8:30-9:30am- Aerial Yoga

10:00-11:00am- Mindful Movement

4:00-5:00pm- Slow Flow 

5:30-6:30pm – Flow

7:00-8:00pm – Aerial Yoga


9:00-10:00am – Flow

12:00-1:00pm- Flow 

6:00-7:00pm – Mindful Movement


8:30-9:30am-  Flow

4:00-5:00pm- Flow 

5:30-6:30pm- Aerial Yoga



7:00-8:00am – Flow

9:00-10:00am – Aerial Yoga

6:00-7:00pm – Flow


8:30-9:30am – Flow

10:00-11:00am- Aerial Yoga

12:00-1:00pm- Slow Flow 


8:30-9:30am -Aerial Yoga

10:00-11:00am- Gentle Yoga (begins 3/6)


9:00-10:00am – Flow

10:30-11:30am – Stretch

12:00-1:00pm- Beginner Aerial Yoga

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Class Descriptions

Aerial Yoga

Utilizing an aerial yoga hammock, prepare to work your core and stabilizer muscles in a whole new way! Class will involve variations of traditional yoga postures in and out of the  hammock, focusing on unique transitions and building foundational skills for using the apparatus.


Move’s signature class. Focusing on linking breath with movements, this vinyasa class incorporates interesting transitions to keep you challenged while targeting muscles in your entire body.  Expect a full comprehensive workout, with modifications provided for all levels. Get your sweat on.

Gentle Yoga

Perfect for those wanting a mellow practice with the emphasis on mindful movement, safe stretching, and relaxation. This class includes gentle warm-ups, classic and creative yoga postures (with modifications for different body types) and a blissful guided relaxation/meditation at the end. Leave feeling more balanced, peaceful and ready to face the world!

Mindful MOVEment


With a focus on self care, breathing techniques, and slow flow movements, these classes work on creating a community of support. Note: In conjunction with the Lowcountry Autism Foundation, this class is offered for parents of special needs children free of charge the first Monday of every month. The remaining Mondays are open to the public. 

Slow Flow

The best of both worlds. Half flow, half static stretching, this class will target specific parts of the body. Think longer holds, deeper stretches, amazing feelings, and movement in between. These go together like yin and yang, salt and pepper, tacos and margaritas.


Combining yoga postures with static stretching, this class uses blocks and yoga straps to work on stretching all of the areas of the body. Great for anyone who needs to stretch out their muscles from a previous workout, or needs to unwind from the week.


This class connects breath work and movement to provide release of the deep muscles and create a sense of intense relaxation. The longer, passive holds work to stretch the connective tissue surrounding the joints.